Matt + Margaret // Wedding


I love ALL of my brides. (Seriously.) I just happen to have loved this one…the longest. I met Margaret 20 years ago and spent a majority of my adolescence by her side; pool parties, bus rides, piano practice, hair trials (/errors), tye-dying and so forth. We drifted, as so many do, but I couldn’t be more thankful for the text that graced my phone one year ago that ultimately brought us back together for the greatest occasion of her life: her marriage to Matt.

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The Hanover // Lo & Sons



Packing light. It’s never been an area of expertise for me. I like to travel with choices, and, well, see just how many I can cram into my bag. Over the years, I’ve tried vacuum sealing, compartmentalizing, not-so-discreetly smuggling past an unhappy flight attendant in Barcelona, and so on. I can hear my mother now, “Just pack the things you need.” …BUT WHAT IF ALL I NEED IS EVERYTHING! Well, that’s why Lo & Sons created the Hanover.

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Hotel Sorrento // Seattle


Everything about Seattle was charming; design-savvy restaurants, craft coffee shops on every corner, thoughtfully curated boutiques, vantage points abound and oyster bars aplenty. What made it even more charming, however, was our hotel.  Read More


Anything Bundt Perfection


Let’s get one thing straight: baking and I don’t always see eye to eye. I’ve never had much patience for measuring (I dub anything under a tablespoon a “pinch”) and who has time for the difference between packed and unpacked flour (isn’t flour just flour)? My personality type has always gravitated towards cooking, where a pinch is what you make it and there’s always a remedy for too thin remoulade, or things of the sort.

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