Under Canvas // Zion


I used to love camping. As a kid, my parents would pack up our Coleman tent trailer with a weekend’s worth of essentials including, but not limited to: a block of Tillamook, OG Triscuits, applewood smoked bacon, Power Bait, and the fixings for morning omelets + evening s’mores. They would grab a very excited me from elementary school and we’d jam to the likes of Boz Scaggs + Rod Stewart as we ventured East up Highway 50 for a weekend full of the great outdoors (…I use the phrase “great outdoors” loosely).   Read More


Matt + Margaret // Wedding


I love ALL of my brides. (Seriously.) I just happen to have loved this one…the longest. I met Margaret 20 years ago and spent a majority of my adolescence by her side; pool parties, bus rides, piano practice, hair trials (/errors), tye-dying and so forth. We drifted, as so many do, but I couldn’t be more thankful for the text that graced my phone one year ago that ultimately brought us back together for the greatest occasion of her life: her marriage to Matt.

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The Hanover // Lo & Sons



Packing light. It’s never been an area of expertise for me. I like to travel with choices, and, well, see just how many I can cram into my bag. Over the years, I’ve tried vacuum sealing, compartmentalizing, not-so-discreetly smuggling past an unhappy flight attendant in Barcelona, and so on. I can hear my mother now, “Just pack the things you need.” …BUT WHAT IF ALL I NEED IS EVERYTHING! Well, that’s why Lo & Sons created the Hanover.

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