Sudio Sweden


Well, it’s not every day you find headphones as functional as they are chic. Wireless, bluetooth and rose gold, need I say more?

I’m that girl. You know, the one stalled at a green light because she is so engrossed in the detangling of her headphones. I’m the one at the gym who wraps them around her phone because she doesn’t know what else to do with them, and the one who is constantly fishing for them in the depths of her purse only to find them attached to a chapstick, sock and the occasional RX Bar.

When Sudio Sweden reached out asking if I was interested in their bluetooth, wireless headphones (which came tucked beautifully in a button-snap leather case), I immediately said “YES.”

From calls in the car to runs at the gym and long nights of editing at the computer – these go everywhere with me and I can’t recommend them enough. If you’re anything like me and are over getting honked at mid-untangle, use the code¬†JUSTWEST15 for 15% off your purchase and LET ME KNOW HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM. Because you will.

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